Scandinavian Roots vol. 1



Fixes (Download and replace).


Bh_D_112BPM_4by4_4.rx2 (Bowed Harp Rex Loop. Wrong tempo in rexfile fixed).



Patches (these patches require the Scandinavian Roots vol. 1 DVD for samplereferences)


Combinator patches for Reason 4.0 or above (Included in the ReFill version and Downloadversion of DVD).


Download and put in your Combifolder in the scandinavian roots vol. 1 root library!


Scand roots combi deluxe patches





Gabi Masso Oriental String Ensemble Sessions


Some versions of Vol. 1-3 might have faulty files. Download and replace if you have faulty files.


Vol. 1 fixed files update zip


Vol. 2 fixed files update zip


Vol. 3 fixed files update zip






Sound Propulsion produces audio guides for the Nobel museum.



Sound Propulsion creates 13 language versions of the new headline film at the Vasa museum.



Sound Propulsion provides all sound design and VO recordings for the annual "Årets Byrå 2012".



The Vasamuseeum extends their popular audio guide made by Sound Propulsion with new language versions.



Sound Propulsion designs and builds an experimental modular ceiling rig for Dolby Sweden, including an array of 12 Genelecs.